Telly addict - the results are in

0301 33091. Sounds like a phone number. Gamblers Anonymous possibly? In fact, it is the results of my misspent afternoon in front of the telly on Saturday.

Plenty of thrills and drama along the way but wins with Cape Blanco at 13/2 and Laheeb at 9/4, together with a place token on Braveheart Move who eventually went off at a whopping 25/1 gave me a plenty nice return of  +9.75 points.

Cape Blanco was the highlight, never sighting a rival in a tour de force from the front in the Irish Champion Stakes. For a while I thought he was fulfilling pace maker duties, but from 2 furlongs out he powered up again and stormed further clear. marvellous. Braveheart Move very nearly fulfilled that Jonjo scam in the staying handicap at Haydock. A place return was all I had to show for his game run. Laaheb’s performance was a joy to behold though. Not least for number one daughter and her friend. Peeking round the door of the living room, she said, “Watch my Dad when he’s cheering his horses on!”. They proceeded to roll around the floor in unconfined mirth at my histrionics in front of the telly. “Go on Laaheb. Go-on. Go go go go. Watch them two on the inside. No the other two! That’s it. Hang on, on, on. Yes Yeeees. Yesyesyes. Hahaha!!” Quite restrained I thought.

0301 33091 – maybe it’s the number for Dynarod. The drain’s not fixed….


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