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Betting by auction part 2

I’m trudging back into the annals of historical punting to dust off part two of last month’s Betting by auction  post. So I’m picking up the hot trail laid down by Nick in his school silent auction. I had been so very impressed by his stunning precedent-setting blend of altruistic education support and hedonistic gambling pursuits. It was a little later that year when I got my own chance. The Greenway First School Promises Auction was from much the same mould as Nick’s silent auction. It was a fundraiser designed to fleece parents of their cash whilst convincing them that they were having a good time. In this case, the committee had put together a brochure of eclectic activities, products and offers on which we could bid during the course of the evening. Mixed bag could have been coined for this collection. At one end of the scale a well-heeled couple had put up a week’s holiday in an apartment in downtown Singapore and another  family had offered a New Year’s Eve bre