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Music of the year

What can be better than going to steaming, sweaty gigs or being sent a bunch of albums and then being asked to review them?  As if I need any invitation to turn up the overblown verbosity to 11. Every year the Get Ready To Rock! team lists our favourite albums and gigs of the year.   As ever, it is a very eclectic mix and reflects broad, all-embracing tastes. From Sunday 8th December , there is a popular vote over at  GRTR!  for the “Best of 2013″. My choices are below (with links to reviews where I've penned them). Check out the website for the others and a chance to win a selection of albums in a prize draw. Top Albums ALTER BRIDGE – Fortress (Roadrunner) Relentless riffage, clean vocals, thunderous rhythms create epic tunes, complex arrangements and moments of calm and reflection. It’s all here, in polished spades. Alter Bridge’s trajectory remains as close to vertical as makes no difference. KROKUS  – Dirty Dynamite (The End Records) Airbourne pushed ou