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Eloquent description of punter's torments

Review of Smug Punting: More Short Tales About Long Odds from The Racing Post, Sunday 15 May Horseracing is a sport of passion, opinions and failed bets on the whole - and all of these aspects are excellently captured and conveyed by author David Atkinson in his latest set of punting ramblings.  Writer of a popular horse racing blog, Atkinson's approach here is more about ad hoc postings and anecdotes than any carefully crafted narrative, a format that works well given content designed for dipping in and out. First and foremost, Atkinson is a true horse racing fan - or anorak, you could argue - who humorously details his attempts to come to the aid of those pressing him for tips, among them one poor man who ends up having him as a private tipster for a month follow g a school auction.  The author eloquently describes the torment and suffering racing fans put themselves through when attempting to find winners, plus the often over-exuberant celebrations that follow. And any r

Pubs, clubs and posh nosh

How did it get so late so soon? In a year packed with anniversaries and landmarks, it seems every other week fizzes across my bows a little moment to mark the relentless passing of time and the march of maturity amongst my nearest and dearest.     Daughter No 1, not so long past her 18 th , likes to go clubbing in Laaarndon these days. Her current friendship group (I’m so yesterday with my stuffy term ‘mates’) found an ultra hip shabby-chic club in Dalston recently, in which to celebrate another of their number’s coming of age. Pinch myself. Wasn’t it only last year or so that her gaggle of Year 4 chums were smashing up a pizza-making party? When Dad’s dancing around the tables to Macarena (ah-yee) was amusing rather than embarrassing? They hit the East End til the early hours, soaking up the club’s Bowie tribute night. I heard her coming home at the crack of 3.30am on the Sunday morning. Chatting next morning, she'd obviously had a great time. Her appreciation of 80s and