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Brigadier Gerard

“What even is brown sauce?” CB-D is curious. Me, Daughter No 1 and he are on the way to Sandown races. The conversation has turned to the best condiment to put on your chips. “Well, it’s tomatoes and spices and vinegar, mainly. Brings a meal to life. And molasses. “ DN1 and CB-D claim never to have tried it. “Molasses? What are they?” I’m on dodgy ground here. “It’s a type of spice I think. Or maybe it’s a bean. Could be one of those things you find under a rock at the beach.” “No, that’s a mollusc”, chimed DN1. “Oh yeah.” The bloke next to CB-D desperately tried to avert his eyes to avoid blurting out laughing. His screwed up, tortured face reminded me of the centurion in ‘Life of Brian’ trying not to corpse when Palin’s Pontius Pilate says “Anybody else feel like a little... giggle... when I mention my fwiend...Biggus...Dickus?” CB-D googled molasses. “Urgh. It’s like the bits of sugar left over from when they are refining it that they c