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Seaside Special - Titanic emotions: Hampshire

RMS Titanic leaving Southampton by John Stewart Southampton was a coastal city I did not know well – save for a visit to Ordnance Survey’s hallowed offices in my first ever proper job – until Daughter No 1 took up residence there as a student.  The day we took her to the University halls of residence for the very first time was, predictably, full of sharp emotions and memory stabs.   Our collection of cavernous IKEA bags, long-time unregarded residents of the shoe cupboard, finally came into their own for moving day. Temporarily packed with bewildering items from Daughter No 1’s old and new existence, they played a key role in the home-uni transit arrangements. The bags and holdalls had to be relayed to the car in shifts and then crow-barred into the boot and seat wells. Jackie over the road looked out on the scene and said that they had to deploy their trailer, more often used for scout camps, when they took their daughter to uni.  Last to come downstairs from DN1s bedroom was a famil