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Ante-post unravelling

The 2015 ante-post portfolio is now littered with enough wreckage to fill the next expletive-packed series of Scrappers. This was, of course, entirely predictable. I’ve been re-ravelling with barely enough pace to combat the unravelling. (In the pantheon of blunt metaphors employed by this desperate blog, I think that may be the first time I have drawn upon knitting.) The previously rock solid Gilgamboa was the first to bite the dust. All the promise of his December win evaporated in the Irish Arkle, when beaten out of sight by Un De Sceaux. Connections are talking about the JLT now. He’ll need to improve again, wherever he goes. In looking again at this race, I had thought about getting stuck into Vibrato Vivalt, but prevaricated on the basis of what he had actually achieved. Which is most unlike me in these markets. It’s all about potential, stooped. He who hesitates is lost, of course. The horse is now as short as 5-1 after a convincing win in the Kingmaker. That price doesn