The new office

The old summerhouse has served well as an office for the business these last few years. But the truth is it's too hot in Summer and too cold in Winter. 

It was bought with the profits of one of my best ever value punting jumps campaigns in 2003. A sentimental connection. 

But its time for an upgrade. 

From the ashes of the old emerges the new, architect designed office. 
Get that insulation! 

Look at that cladding!
(Never mind the junk round the back. Got to find a new home for that now.) 

View from the new porch. Hammocks and rocking chairs? Maybe not....

Starting to look good. Only there's a bit of a delay on the delivery for the glass. So I'm working like some troll in this darkened cupboard for a couple of weeks. 

Until the skylight goes in....

....and a bit later still, the window glass...

....and yet later still (weeks not days. Grrr), the door glass. 

So, finally, here she is. Stained and furnished
(Yes, that's a telly. Man gotta have some respite, no?)

.....and with a finishing touch, courtesy of Bex & GC. 

The old place? 

Miraculously transformed and given a new lease of life by Nerys & Paul. (Photo swiped from Mrs Cheese's wonderful blog) 

Looks far better than it ever did in my garden! 


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